Authentic Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Experience authentic yoga and Balinese culture with Parahita Yoga Bali. We are internationally certified yoga school in Bali by Yoga Alliance, with experienced and passionate balinese local teachers.

Authentic and Life Changing Experiences

We are located in Bali. Which is one of the center tourism place in Indonesia, Bali is the best place for Yoga, because the environment is very calm, private and well known for the center of Yoga.

You can choose a private room or shared room in our villa according to your comforts and needs in the program. In Parahita you’ll not only learn about the Asanas, but you will explore more about the Philosophy of Yoga and the spiritual life of Yogis.

we will provide breakfast and complimentary lunch and dinner with our healthy local vegetarian and vegan food to keep you going through the programs.

Become Stronger Mentally and Find Inner Peace

Sometimes, daily activities with tons of work make you forget to pay attention to the health of our body, mind, and spirit. It makes emotions uncontrollable and negative thoughts more easily come to your minds. It is time to rejuvenate yourself by doing the wellness retreat. What is the best wellness retreat for your needs? Healing Retreat is the answer! A Healing Retreat is a wellness retreat that allows you to take a break from the stresses and habits of your daily life in order to focus on your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. There is no time better than now to take care of yourself! Experience the peace, love, and harmony of Bali while purifying your mind, body, and spirit!

Grow Together Inspire Each Other

Beginning with a sense of wanting to share with others, that’s where Parahita formed. Parahita in Sanskrit means welfare for everyone, we believe that sharing with others will never lack anything. In Parahita is where a place to grow and develop occurs, we want to create a community where all people become independent and never stop to dream. Lets meet our family.


Get ready to have a wonderful holiday with Parahita!

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