Sound Healing with Via Wijaya

Available Dates
  • January 1, 2019
  • January 2, 2019
  • January 3, 2019
  • January 4, 2019
  • 7 Day 6 Night

  • USD455

    Normal Price USD 500

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Long time ago our ancestors and many of the early people on earth already use sound healing in many cases in their daily life. In every aspect of life, from the birth of a child to cremation ceremonies are using sound, even until today in certain parts.

The sound has become the bridge between the physical realm to the other realms to be connected, as if we are all fixing a missing part and become whole.

Sound is a vibration, and all of the cells that create our life communicate through vibration. Thus when a strong kind of vibration appears, cells become more activated and shaped itself into a formation. This formation is the message itself, the insight that we gain from learning about our own life. The motivation and the fire that keeps us move.

Dynamic rhythms of sound can create pulse of life energy. A sacred power that wisdom can understand the meaning of life. The secret of life itself. To allow this rhythms of sound to purify the mind and soul, we must accept their invitation.

To be heard, a sound must be accepted. A sound must be accepted freely without judgment. When the sound is accepted without judgment, that is when sound become the medicine.

  • The quitter we become, the more we can listen. Sometimes listening seems to be difficult for someone who has lived their life in a busy city, or place where sound are mostly create disturbance. Even, our listening can also be disturb by our food. If the food we east contains a lot of mineral we do not need, this also can create chaotic vibration of sound. Remember, sound exist if there is vibration.

    Therefore the practice in level 1 is mostly about sound meditation, which involve the effort to listen. The meditation will divided by two session, which is seated session and savasana session. Both session targeted for different purposes. Seated meditation is to improve focus and concentration, while savasana meditation is aiming for relaxation practice.

    The three quality of action: focus, concentration and relaxation is the basic foundation of a meditation. The mind that is tamed, has these attitude. Meanwhile the mind that is wild will be not.

    • Wear comfy and loose clothing during session.
    • Best way to enjoy the sound is by relaxing your mind and your thoughts. Allow your mind to focus in the sound itself. You can try to observe the sound. Listen carefully to each sound that is produced during the session.

    Create distraction. For example creating loud noise (snoring). As mush as you can, please be conscious of what you are doing during the session. Our team will wake you up gently if you fall asleep during session


    Must have:

    1. Yoga Mat, 1 for each person
    2. Pillow, 1 for each person
    3. Blanket, 1 for each person

    Note: Blanket can also be replaced with sarong.

    Additional props that can support healing:
    1. Yoga block (soft), 1 for each person
    2. A thin layer of bed above yoga mat, 1 for each person
    3. Bolster, 1 for each person


    • Blocks is used to help participants in their seated position
    • Thin bed and bolster help participants on lying down position

    Our goal is to make participants to feel as relax as possible, hold space for them to express themselves as they are, thus they can connect to their healing paths


    Sound healing can be done in outdoor or indoor, preferably indoor or semi outdoor. Space must be located in the area where there is not so must sound distraction, i.e motorbikes, car, etc. Preferably located somewhere close to the nature. During the healing session, all team must remain silent and not make so much distraction sound. This can help the client feel more comfort and save.

    • Lighting must be dim.
    • Light colors can be cool white or yellow warm.
    • Candles can also be used in decoration.
    • Drinking refill. The best drink served for this session is hot drinks, such as hot ginger or soft taste teas such as green tea or chamomile tea.
    • Mosquito repellant. Please use natural repellant, preferably smells of lemongrass

    When the session is finished, please light the lamp slowly.


    More question please ask +628176881511

  • Practice length: 90 minutes. In this practice, we will learn to train ourselves in:


    Participant’s Do:

    • Start with your must comfortable seated position, where you feel that your back can be straight. This will help the flow of circulation along the nadhis.
    • Close eyes. And breath slowly from nose. The breath must be soft and gentle.
    • Start to bring the attention to each of the sound that is heard. And allow the mind to follow the sound and keep breathing slowly.

    Participant’s Do:

    • Gently lying down flat on your back on the mat, with your palm facing up.
    • Close eyes. And allow your body to rest.
    • Allow your body to rest as if you are falling asleep. And if you fell asleep, that’s okay.

    Our team will gently wake you up if you start to make noises in your sleep.

    And if you feel like you want to sleep (consciously), please feel free to turn yourself to the right side. When you lying down – turning to the right, your left-nostril become more active. The left-nostril is connected to the Ida nadni, which is the nadhi that govern serene feelings and calmness in the mind. This way can help the cloud in our mind to become more gentle and soft.

  • The session will end in your lying down position and you will be asked to slowly come back to your seated position. When you are moving your body, rise the upper body and move your legs, if you can please keep your eyes closed and move slowly. When you are already in your most comfortable seated position, gently close the eyes.

    Each of the healing session are closed with mantra chanting: OM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI OM, meaning “may all being be always in peace”. This mantra induce the feeling of loving kindness and compassion. In this case, participants are free to follow and say the mantra with us, of choose to just listen.


    • Please allow yourself to slowly comeback to your body, physical reality. Do not feel in a rush. And allow yourself to feel rest and relax after the session.
    • Write down a journal might be a good idea to release all thoughts or realization.


    Please do not try to do too much work/ activities after session. You want to allow the healing happen in your body and the healing is best happen when the body is relaxed